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Re: ENT Caption Contest #86: Worst. Slumber Party. Ever.

TFTW Hanukkah Solo!

Archer (o/s): I have an idea, instead of exploring new worlds why not we blow up random natural stuff? And you know entertain the crew?
Reed: With what sir? This is a ship of exploration after all.
Archer (o/s): Oh bugger it...

<Hoshi thinking> Now remember Hoshi if your teeth go whiter, it's not a sign your fading away from some transporter mishap...

Archer: Me and you on this bed right now making crazy passionate love due to being sexually repressed for so long?
T'Pol: Though it is a logical suggestion, I am not that desperate captain.

Mayweather: I have a confession; this ship is always on autopilot.

Trip: A platinum coloured wingnut? Awesome!
Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

Caption contest: DS9
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