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Re: VOY Caption this 96; A Random Collection!!!

We gave up television, and now I'm babysitting holographic children in my free time. Civilization took a wrong turn somewhere...?

Hope this Veltrusian caviar paste will satisfy the Captain's spam craving. It looks radioactive enough....

My fingers to your boogers....

What? I've always been an ear, nose and breast doctor.

Chakotay: Direct hit! Right in the G Spot!
Janeway: I've told you to call it the Graviton field, Chakotay.
Kim: Shield walls are giving way! Shes' taking too many frontal shots! Multiple subspace O's, Captain!
Janeway: The word is "Oscillations." Get girlfriends already, you two!

Why would my boots smell like Talaxian musk?
I have a theory, Captain.

Seven: After this, wanna go pearl diving?
Tuvok: Not without an airtight wetsuit.
Seven: I was referring to sex.
Tuvok: So was I, Borgie Queen.

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