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Re: Enterprise-C Bridge Layout

Since the forwardmost console, covered in rubble, is in practice the classic Helm/Navigation console from the TOS movies, it would seem natural to assign it this very role on the E-C as well.

The two TNG-style pulpits have every excuse of being, say, Tactical and Executive. The bridge of the Hathaway featured such a standalone pulpit for XO Worf, after all, and all later starships have featured a special seat for the XO somewhere close to the CO - but the E-C has no other position for the XO.

FWIW, all three pulpits featured a single corpse in the movie era jumpsuit (a second one at the forward console might in theory have been left outside our view, or the associated corpse for the putative second position at that console might have been thrown clear - indeed, might have been Lt Castillo, eventually found in that general direction). Only the CO seat was occupied by a person in a commissioned officer jacket. Should we deduce that the three forward pulpits were all of reduced importance; that all the commissioned officers normally crewing them had become casualties early on; or that the jumpsuits are valid clothing for commissioned officers, just like the DS9 jumpsuits are valid for commissioned officers from the era where others wear the TNG style? I'm sort of leaning towards the last one, seeing as to how Captain Picard in his ST:NEM photograph is seen wearing the full black-collared jumpsuit attire (not the red-collared one that backstage sources associate with cadets) at some unspecified early date in his career.

Timo Saloniemi
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