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Re: Which actor is most bitter?

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Fielding had more general issues with how the female characters were written and the lack of interest in the companions and their characterisation - Sutton & Waterhouse back her up though less outspokenly on some of the commentaries. The groping etc does seem to be pretty much true - there's a story from Talons that when the stuntman (Stuart Fell?) dressed up in Leela's Victorian costume from the back it was hard to tell who was who and he was shocked by how many crewmen felt him up thinking he was Louise.

I don't think any of them are actually bitter - not being completely effusive about the show doesn't mean you're bitter it just means they are pretty normal - they aren't fans of the show after all why should they love it as much as we do.
In the wake of the Savile revelations several female BBC radio presenters have talked about such things as well. Seems it was perceived as just 'one of those things'. So much for the golden era eh?
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