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Enterprise-C Bridge Layout

Something has just come to mind concerning the Bridge layout and positions aboard the Enterprise-C.

In "Yesturday's Enterprise", Castillo was constantly referred to as the Helm Officer (rather than Conn from TNG time), so would that mean that there is a separate Navigation Officer? Or rather that the posts have been merged into one but the old terminology still remains?

It seems a little odd to have a Navigator as well as a Operations Officer, as much of the sensor work and that the Navigator did would go to Ops instead. Since there was never a Comm Officer mentioned I think its safe to assume that that position has since been removed in favour of Ops.

Also, regarding the Bridge's actually layout. When Tasha comes aboard, she takes the forward console to the Captain's left (Ops on the E-D) which must be Tactical. When the BoP attacks, Castillo takes the console next to her, so that could be Helm. Then there is the console in front of those two, the function of which was never explained.

Anyone got any thoughts?
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