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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

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You want 14 seasons of DS9?
As a Niner, I'll say that 14 seasons of DS9 would be to much. But to capture what DS9 did, spread of those two shows, for 14 seasons....yes.

Interesting interview, but when taken into context that I've read Berman and Braga complaining that they were on a tight leash from the studio's execs and that a lot of the things that were done on VOY and ENT were basicly forced on them... I don't know what to believe anymore.

I will say, that I agree with a lot of what Moore said. About how the show didn't live up to its promises. But that's something we've always known. If it's all soley Braga's and Berman's fault, or perhaps from way more up top than that... who knows? And right now, who really cares anymore? What's done is done. I wish that, instead of whining and complaining about everything that's wrong with the show(s), people would talk more about what they liked about their favorite shows.
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