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Re: The West Wing now on Netflix

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Yeah let the characters grow. If you really hate the show there are about 5 episodes from season 1 that are most important to the storyline. I saw watch those and move on to season 2. Seasons 2-3 are the best of West Wing 1.0.
I don't hate the show, I quite enjoyed the first two episodes. The only things I hate are Mandy and the V.P. (the latter I'm sure I'm not supposed to like).

Can I assume among those five are Aaron Sorkin and Moira Kelley?

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Cool, I'll tell a friend of mine. I bought my grandma all the DVD sets years ago and one of the episodes from season 6 doesn't play because it's starched! Was so pissed. (It was too late to return it.)
My sister mentioned she never bought the DVDs, even after seeing a great Cyber-Monday price on the full-set due to a lot of complaints about the quality of the DVDs. Shame, really, but it's nice that there are options for watching it streaming.

That was more aimed at anyone who reads the topic and might not like the first season because it's a slow burn for a bit. The first two episode, the last one or two, a random episode I can't tell you why it's important, and the one the president has the flu. Are the important ones from the season.

Oddly the complete set is better. The season DVD have double sided disc for seasons 1-3. All work fine besides one disc.
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