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Re: TNG: The Body Electric by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I enjoyed the whole trilogy. I wish I had known to read Immortal Coil first. You may not have had to read it first, but I would of liked a heads up.

I loved having Data reborn in a new body, although I thought about how it could disrespect the old Data if a copy of his memories in a new body is bringing him back... Would that suggest that he is nothing more that hardware and files? I remember when the book mentioned that his memories were saved but not his subroutines.

It was fun to read what Dr. Soong did after faking his own death.
I loved Geordi being in a good relationship.
I liked Wesley's return and the homage to Wil Wheaton. My snarky comments about that got a retweet from David Mack on twitter. @BrentMcA
I wish Data had gone to see Spot before he left.

As much as I like the big cataclysmic event stories I think I would like to read more with exploration, ancient ruins, secret technology etc. Something like a James Rollins Novel. If you have not read him he is awesome! I think TITAN is more exploration oriented, so maybe I will get back to it soon. Does anyone have and recommendations for really good TOS, TNG books that sound like what I described?
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