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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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Nathan Samuels Room can be explained. When the Palais was built the Prime Minister of United Earth, probably still Samuels, had offices there.
That makes no sense. The Palais was specifically built to house the Federation President and Council. Why would they give office space to a Member government in a Federation building? It would be like putting the Governor of Maryland in the United States Capitol.

Simpler explanation: Nathan Samuels gets a room named after him because he was a key player in founding the Federation.

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Didn't Articles establish that if there's a midterm election (such as Bacco had), that the new president starts a new term instead of completing the previous one?
Yes, but it also established that there had only ever been one other special election in Federation history: Held after Hiram Roth died on the day he was re-elected. That special election, therefore, just filled the next term (Ra-ghoratreii won that one) to which Roth had been elected; the implication was that a President Pro Tempore just served out what was left of Roth's extant term.

However, Articles did not establish whether Federation Presidential terms of office are set by statute or by the Articles themselves. If they are statutory rather than constitutional law, then it's always possible that term lengths have varied over the years.

Another possibility: Perhaps Archer won the election in 2184 for the term of office commencing in 2185 (and ending in 2189), but his predecessor died unexpectedly after the election but before he assumed office. The Council may have then just appointed him President Pro Tempore to serve out the remainder of his predecessor's term before being sworn in for his 2185-2189 term. That bio screen, then, may have been simplifying the situation. Plenty of potential justifications!

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Has it previously been established what the term length of the President is? I had thought it was four years, but Silent Weapons seems to indicate a six year presidency. According to Memory Beta, Bacco was elected/took office in October 2379. Silent Weapons takes place two months after The Persistence of Memory, placing it in March 2384. Page 120 says, "...and now they were plotting strategy for next year's reelection campaign..." which would be 2385. That would make it a six year term of office for the Federation President, unless Bacco's been re-elected once already. Also, the presidential term could have been different at various points in the Federation's history.
Bacco started her term early due to her predecessor's resignation, so maybe she gets an extended term until the next regular election year. Although I guess 2384 would be an election year under the established cycle.
Well, Articles and A Time to Kill established that 2372 was the election year, and Enterprises of Great Pitch and Motion established that Zife's first term began in the first month of the calender year immediately following.

So, under the original, pre-Bacco cycle, it went like this:

2364: Election year: Amitra of Pandril wins (TNG Season One)
2365-2369: Amitra's term of office (TNG Seasons Two through Six)
2368: Election Year: Jaresh-Inyo wins) (TNG Season Five)
2369-2373: Jaresh-Inyo's term of office (TNG Seasons Six and Seven, DSN Seasons One through Five)
2372: Election year: Jaresh-Inyo loses, Min Zife wins (DSN Season Four)
2373-2377: Min Zife's first term (DSN Seasons Five through Seven)
2376: Election Year: Min Zife re-elected
2377-2381: Zife's second term
2380: Election Year
2381-2385: Term of office
2384: Election Year
2385-2389: Term of office
2388: Election Year
2389-2393: Term of office
2392: Election year
2393-2397: Term of office
2396: Election year
2397-2401: Term of office
2400: Election year


Articles seemed to established that when Bacco took office in late 2379, the 2379 Special Presidential Election terminated the old cycle and started a new one. It was unclear if this new cycle would have future terms of office beginning at the start of the calender year immediately after an election year, or if new terms would commence the same year as the elections.

So it would either go like:

2379: Election
2379-2383: Term of office
2383: Election
2383-2387: Term of office
2387: Election

or like:

2379: Election
2379-2384: Term of office (extended)
2383: Election
2384-2388: Term of office (standard)
2387: Election

Now Silent Weapons indicates a 2385 election. This implies that Bacco's term of office has extended; this is not unjustifiable, of course, what with the Federation having suffered the worst disaster in recorded history in the Borg Invasion.

Perhaps her first term was extended, but future terms of office will remain 4 years. Or perhaps all future terms of office will be six years. It is yet unclear.

If we're moving to six-year terms of office, then the cycle moving forward should look like this (assuming, again, that a term of office commences in the first month of the calender year immediately following an election year):

2379-2386: Bacco's term of office
2385: Election year
2386-2392: Term of office
2391: Election year
2392-2398: Term of office
2397: Election year
2398-2404: Term of office
2403: Election year


Assuming that it'll revert back to four-year terms of office, though, the cycle should look like this:

2379-2386: Bacco's term
2385: Election year
2386-2390: Term of office
2389: Election year
2390-2394: Term of office
2393: Election year
2394-2398: Term of office
2397: Election year
2398-2402: Term of office
2401: Election year


So... one way or the other, looks like there'll be an election in 2397!
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