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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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1. Without money, what is the stimulation for people to establish private companies? Work for free?
The idea behind this point is scarcity motivates people to product things to trade for scarce goods and services. Suppose that because of automation goods and services were not scare.

There is a recent book about what motivates people called Drive. It claims once you pay people the going rate, so they don't feel cheated, people mostly aren't motivated by money. They're motivated desire to finish a puzzle.

The need for money IMHO would come up any time something is scarce. You'd have to find something to trade, but you cannot trade without mutual coincidence of needs. So some sort of medium of exchange.

It seems to me that the writers of Star Trek confuse materialism with money. Money is just a medium of exchange. They want to say there is no materialism or scarcity, but they wrongly say there is no medium exchange.

Credits are mentioned a medium of exchange. It could be Credits or Latinum are used to make trades, but trading is less frequent because scarcity is less common. In the US many fast-food places will give you free water and water cups. Banks will give you free pins. Electronics is getting cheap enough that there are dedicated players for a single audiobook-- all the value is in the content, and the player is analogous to the free cup your coffee or pop comes in. If automation continues and things like a basket of groceries or common consumer durables (cars, appliances, etc) are also equally cheap, there would be less need for a medium of exchange. You could make, distribute, and store products with no human labor, so there would be no need to trade anything for them. You use trade only in rare cases like the baseball card Jake wanted. He had to provide services to various people in exchange for things he needed to get the card. It really made the Feringi system look better. Feringi would work for money that could be use to buy whatever goods and service people want. Jake had to find specific services needed by people who had things that would help get the card.
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