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Re: possible reason we never seen the phaser rifle after w.n.m.h.g.b.

Beyond 50 meters, a slugthrowing pistol already compensates for the non-beeline trajectory of the bullet: the aiming system doesn't equate line-of-sight with line-of-flight / line-of-barrel. There wouldn't be need to equate the two for other types of weapon, either.

Really, hand-eye coordination would probably be the one thing that is completely removed from the equation once futuristic recoilless, barrel-less personal weapons are introduced. Taking the weapon off the hands of the user would free those hands for meaningful work; the weapon could be mounted elsewhere (say, on a simple body harness, or on a helmet, but preferably hovering autonomously somewhere near the user), and targeted by sight alone.

Timo Saloniemi
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