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Re: Should Neelix/Kes have stayed together?

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So Admiral Janeway travels to the past.

Gives Captain Janeway the godmode version of Voyager.

Janeway uses godmode to kill the Borg and get home.

So isn't there no future Janeway to give them godmode and that equates to a reset button since that Admiral Janeway doesn't exist?
She left the universe to travel through time which divorces this woman from her own continuity, which is the rules we were taught in Year of Hell and Futures End, and even City at the Edge of Forever where Kirk was temporally shielded by the Guardian.
Then why would the Borg Queen, who is supposed to be an authority on time travel, given how "four dimentional" she thinks, operate under the assumption that if she kills young Janeway, old Janeway's bad mojo STD she assimilated would go away?
What gave you the impression the Borg Queen was an authority on time travel?
Just asking.
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