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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

People had a lot of complaints about Voyager. Seriously, I've never seen another show with an online atmosphere that toxic*. The people who hated it didn't just hate it, they H-A-T-E-D it and they had to let anyone who might be looking for what other people were saying about the show to know it. A lot of the critics felt Moore would be a perfect fit for Voyager and wanted him to remake the show in his image. They were elated when he joined Voyager, felt he was forced out wrongly (though if he was brought on and trying to remake the show to suit his vision when he was just another writer, that was out of place. Besides, his run on Voyager sucked. "Barge of the Dead" really sucked and felt out of place on Voyager. In fact, something about the Fall 1999 episodes feels off-kilter). Well, come a few years after Voyager ends, Voyager bashers finally got what they wanted- Moore's vision for Voyager, Battlestar Galactica. They saw how it turned out. What frustrates me is you can still hear laments of how people wished Voyager would be more like this or that even though they got what they wanted. Voyager was what it was, BSG was what it was. The landscape was so lopsided because the haters were loud and they didn't have an equally large contingent that loved Voyager to counterbalance them out. On the positive side of the spectrum, it seemed a lot of people merely liked Voyager; few seemed to really love it as intensely as others hated it.

(*: over the whole run. Sometimes individual seasons became toxic, like with the last vestige who hung onto X-Files and insisted it was still as great as ever in Season 9, who acted real nasty to anyone who was disgusted with the course of the show. Man, those people were some of the biggest psychos I've seen on TV forums, though when Stargate Universe went down, a certain fan website turned into the internet-equivalent of North Korea, like banning people for posting facts the moderators themselves posted in previous years, like ratings)

This is nothing new out of Moore. He was bashing Voyager ever since 1999 or so, perhaps even before. He did great on DS9, his run on Voyager sucked, at least he got to try his hand at his own series, allowing fans of his ideas to get a series catered to them.
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