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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #66: Happy Holidays to you and your Space Stat

Dukat was unimpressed by the Freddie Mercury impression. The Dabo girl however was impressed.

The good doctor tries plan C on how to have sex with Dax, getting her VERY drunk..

This Blood test is immoral!!
Yellow shirt: Also it shows that your dad is a wanted criminal, a admiral cartwright...

Its a old earth video recording, called "Gangnam style" or something. it has deep subliminal messaging to influence human....Great, Sisko saw it...look at him...

Some things once seen cannot be unseen.
In the Marmalade forest (forest), between the make believe trees, in a cottage cheese cottage! Lives Albie, (Albie,) Albie, (Albie,) Albie the Racist Dragon...
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