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Re: Season 4: Just how much of it can be called Fanwank?

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Yeah I like the idea of it being peripheral. As I said Kahless would have ruined the forehead arc which was excellent. And I do feel Surak blighted the Vulcan arc (that tosser).

My favorite ENT ep is a huge fanwank I think because it reads like something out of florid fanfic, E2.

Is there an actual definition to the term? Usually I love being catered to and taken individually the Season 4 arcs are all great stuff. It's that they are all in one season that raises it to suspiciously fanwanky levels
My def of fanwank has been "Taking a conversation you might had when you were 14 and running with it"

EX: "Man if Molecule Man fought the Avengers that would be epic!!"

"No it wouldn't. He'd ROFLstomp the Avengers. Everything is made out of molecules. He'd dissolve Mjolenir, Iron Man's armor, Caps shield...hell, you can throw in the Silver Surfer too. He'd dissolve his surfboard, then drop a giant boot on them. The fight would last 10 seconds"

Now this doesn't mean fanwank is a bad thing at all. But I prefer it done by experts.
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