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Re: Break Out the Champagne

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If you had zero choice in the matter, and your safety was 100% guaranteed, which of the following would you most want to celebrate the incoming New Year with?

A) Lore

B) Borg Queen

C) Kelvan

D) Laas

E) Q's son
- Mini-Q is a complete brat.
- The Borg queen a total bore.
- Kelvans are tentacular monsters from beyond, which would remind me too much of master Yog-Sothoth (He is the Gate, He is the Key), so no. Not on new year's eve!
- Laas is a blowhard. Also, a perv that turns into smoke to go under ladies' skirts.

So, Lore. Lore is a pretty funny guy. Oh, come on, it's not his fault you don't like being eaten by a giant crystal.
I swear, from here it's hilarious.
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