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Re: Will there be an explaination for how enterprise can go underwater

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Just wait until the wagon train shows up . . . .
I think that was Battlestar Galactica...
You don't know?

Gene Roddenberry originally presented the Trek concept as "Wagon Train to the stars". (Wagon Train was a weekly TV series about America's cowboy era, with people moving west as part of a Wagon Train. So many people, so many stories, you never knew who or what might show up next.)
I did. That's why I used the and followed it with play on the "get the wagons in a circle" bit from far too many Westerns.
The boring one, the one with Khan, the one where Spock returns, the one with whales, the dumb one, the last one, the one with Kirk, the one with the Borg, the stupid one, the bad one, the new one, the other one with Khan.
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