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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
Picture yourself to be back in 1966 and on the set. The writers guide has established the Enterprise to be a member of the Starship Class, and if anybody has forgotten a quick glance at the dedication plaque of the bridge set will read "STARSHIP CLASS".
I don't think a comment about a Constitution-Class starship would have been all that confusing. Certainly, the actors wouldn't care: it's not in dialogue. Only the maker of the screen insert would worry about it.

I think having Khan reading a screen that says "Important Features to Know That Would Enable Someone to Capture the Enterprise" would be a little too "Chekhov's Gun." I can see the writers assuming that the viewing audience wouldn't be that dumb. The audience would be able to put two and two together.

I know that the initial story outline for "Space Seed" is dated August 29, 1966 while the initial story outline for "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" is dated October 3, 1966. I wonder which actually came first--the Constitution-Class comment or the "twelve like her in the fleet" comment--not that it really matters.

Also, remember that the Third Revision to the "Star Trek Writer's Guide" is dated April 17, 1967--after "Space Seed" was already written. It would be interesting to see what, if any, comments there were in the original version and the Second Revision. And I doubt that all scriptwriters got to see the dedication plaque that was on the set (as if the producers couldn't have changed their minds after the set was made.)
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