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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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I wonder if there are reports from any actors/crew other than the secondary TOS cast?

I mean, if the guy is an egotistical jerk, wouldn't somebody else have noticed somewhere down the line?

What does heather Locklear or Adrian Zmed have to say? The crew of Airplane 2? Boston Legal?

Sure people mellow and mature over time, but they don't completely change their character. It's hard to believe he was an ass on Star Trek, and fine the rest of his career.
According to wiki he and Heather Locklear have been friends ever since the TJ Hooker days. I would guess he's got no more an ego than any other actor and this 'ego problem' is more fan&actor creation for convention fodder than anything else. For folks to still go on about it sounds more of pots going on about the kettles, really.
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