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Re: A three film comparison/face-off...

Like the best of those three seemingly random selections?

Star Trek 2009. I don't like the direction it's seems to be taking, what it looks like visually compared to TOS, nor do I think it had the strongest of stories, but I enjoyed it as a summer action movie. Which is about all it really was which is a bit sad, honestly. (The ending with making the young, recent graduate, Kirk captain of a ship also was bit "Starship Troopers-y".) But I can look at the movie as its own thing and enjoy it unconnected from anything that came before.

TDK: I don't think this movie too much "broke" the "curse" of the third installment of a superhero movie franchise. It's certainly not as bad as Superman III, the previous Batman movie franchise of even Spider-Man III but it's the weakest installment and has a lot of plot-holes and problems in it that aren't as easy to ignore as the previous Batman movies.

Prometheus. I liked it. It was good. Plot holes you can drive a truck through, but it was enjoyable enough.
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