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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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DS9 ran in syndication where it could last that long and VOY ran on a network so crappy it made Homeboys in Outer Space. Both in a time when cable tv wasn't really a problem yet and in VOY's case the company that owned it also owned the channel.

Also despite running twice as long, neither had the impact the original did and both are largely unknown to non-Trek fans.
I think it's pretty harsh to judge their impact against the original Star Trek series which is the most widely known sci-fi show of all-time across the world. If DS9 had more impact than that it'd be an act of the Prophets.
That's because DS9 never came close to having the same audience. That's the problem with Trek as it went on, less and less people watched it. It was a success in the same way the Titanic was. People enjoyed the ride at first, then it become less enjoyable and wound up at the bottom of ocean.
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