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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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No one denies the success of TNG, but DS9, VOY and ENT didn't come close to it and are the reason it isn't on the air now. If they had all been successful, Star Trek would still be on television now.
VOY and DS9 have over double the amount of seasons that TOS has.

There's just no way anybody will be able to convince me that 25 seasons is the sign of failure. It's a bloody miracle in television for a sci-fi show to get this much. Look how long Firefly lasted! And I never see people saying that show got cancelled because it was crap either.
DS9 ran in syndication where it could last that long and VOY ran on a network so crappy it made Homeboys in Outer Space. Both in a time when cable tv wasn't really a problem yet and in VOY's case the company that owned it also owned the channel.

Also despite running twice as long, neither had the impact the original did and both are largely unknown to non-Trek fans.
Hell, the only reason we got a fourth season of Enterprise was because Paramount wanted to have enough episodes to sell into syndication.

And every series after TNG suffered from sliding ratings.
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