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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Well in case you missed the last 20 years. They tried that with DS9, VOY and ENT. Each one lost audiences to the point where it wasn't worth it to keep it on the air.

I mean... what?

The modern Star Trek that started with the Kirk and Spock-less TNG pilot and ended with ENT finale ran for well over a decade. It is by any measure, hugely successful to have gained 25 seasons. Sure, the ratings were terrible by the end but... so? No show is going to be successful forever. Same thing happened with Doctor Who.

No show that ran for 25 seasons had a lack of audience in my book. To say there's not been an appetite for non-Kirk and Spock Trek is entirely untrue and flies in the face of my generation, who almost all prefer Picard to Kirk.
TNG was successful, DS9 never got close to the same ratings as it. VOY remained on the air mainly because it was successful by UPN standards and it was the only constant that channel had, ENT then got cancelled because it couldn't do that. It didn't end it's run, it was cancelled after four seasons of bland stories. I was here when the Save Enterprise campaign was going. I didn't bother, it was a mercy killing. The franchise was run completely into the ground and the only solution was to start from scratch years later. That isn't a success, it was the rise, fall and rebirth of Star Trek. No one denies the success of TNG, but DS9, VOY and ENT didn't come close to it and are the reason it isn't on the air now. If they had all been successful, Star Trek would still be on television now.
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