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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Is there any other franchise that has to hire historians for their own fictional universe? I know Doctor Who relies on what the writer likes and ignores what they don't like. Dropping that weight is the best thing that ever happened to Trek and frees it to go places we can't even imagine.
I don't understand this attitude. Couldn't they just... write a story for the movie that didn't require knowledge of continuity? Just have a new ship and crew explore the universe and find a new adventure on a new planet.

The way to avoid getting swamped in continuity is to not write a movie that's premise hinges entirely on rewriting continuity.
Well in case you missed the last 20 years. They tried that with DS9, VOY and ENT. Each one lost audiences to the point where it wasn't worth it to keep it on the air. So no, that doesn't work. Audiences only seemed to connect with Kirk and co. They did to a lesser degree with TNG, but they burned out after five movies and they're were going downhill as they made them.

As I said before Paramount isn't in the business of making a minority of Trek fans happy, they want to make money. Star Trek 2009 was both an appeal to new audiences to watch and it tried to not piss off the built-in fan base. Most fans seem to enjoy it, a minority aren't. But they're never happy so it doesn't matter. Most of them paid to see it just to complain. You seemed to enjoy it based on your posts from when it was released.
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