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Re: The Impossible Girl: Who IS Clara Oswin Oswald?!?

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I don't think it would've been as it could have been done very quickly, as with the encounters with other classic foes. It didn't require any detailed synopsis of the GI's earlier appearances - something like "there are Cybermen in our universe" is all you'd need, like "I've fought it before... a long time ago. I didn't make the connection at first." That wouldn't distract or confuse the casual viewers (most of them are smart; they know it's a 50 year-old show - it's a mainstream British institution and the upcoming anniversary has been mentioned a fair bit in the press already - and would likely gather that it's a reference to an old story without it hampering their enjoyment) and would be a nice Easter Egg for the die-hards.
Actually, to me, that sounds rather stilted and cliched. Just from a stylistic perspective, that's not a better way of doing it.

The "it rings a bell" was instead far too jarring and distracting to this long-time fan (even if the intent was to simply suggest that the Doctor's getting on a bit, it runs the risk of being misinterpreted, hence this discussion). The Doctor has often talked of events from his past - including his childhood - with a degree of clarity. The Web of Fear was the adventure that included his first meeting with a certain Col. Lethbridge-Stewart, and I'm not sure he'd just forget that, no matter how long ago it was now (if he is just forgetting these things due to old age, then he's in trouble, as a man is the sum of his memories, a Time Lord even more so...).
Well, I didn't find it jarring. I just found it a reasonably casual way to handle a throwaway Easter-egg reference.
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