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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Is there any other franchise that has to hire historians for their own fictional universe? I know Doctor Who relies on what the writer likes and ignores what they don't like. Dropping that weight is the best thing that ever happened to Trek and frees it to go places we can't even imagine.
They could have rebooted the franchise without falling into the LCD pit Abrams has dropped it into.
What did you want them use a CRT monitor? I want the Enterprise to look like the future from now, but the future from the 1960s which we currently have better stuff than.

Although if you means lens flare, who cares? It's an absurd detail to get upset about. It's a minor stylist choice that does not add or subtract from the enjoyment of the story. Anyone who complains about that is missing the forest for the shiny trees.
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