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Re: Who cleans up everyone's quarters after each space battle?

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With the amount of damage sustained in the space battles that take place in each series, I've always wondered who gets assigned the daunting task of fixing up everyone's quarters so that they look like they were untouched?
I'd think there would be automated miniaturized Roombas (maybe the size of a quarter) all over the ship picking up after the crew. 200/300/400 years after the invention of the Roomba would probably make it pretty advanced - walk on walls and the ceiling, filter dust out of the air, use transporter/replicator tech, clean your clothes while you are sleeping, make your bed after you get up, look for tiny structural imperfections in the ship, degaussing certain areas, etc... And they would have camouflaging or holoemitter tech so the crew doesn't have to look at them.

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