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Re: Eccleston comments on 50th anniversary special return

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It could just as easily mean media people he's dealt with in the past, as he says - he's always acted for adults in the past and had to put up with bullshit and cocktail parties.

There's no specific reference in it to anyone. None of us actually know what happened but most of us also aren't desperate to jump to conclusions.
No, senior people in this context would not include the media. Media are neither senior nor subordinate to an actor. They're external people that are not in the chain at all. It's clearly senior BBC people. It's got to include RTD. If RTD and Eccleston were in agreement about how things should be run on the show, the other senior BBC wouldn't have mattered.

Mr Awe
RTD didn't run the BBC - he was senior person in DW, not senior at the BBC...
True and I'm very aware that. But, I'm guessing that if RTD was firmly in Eccleston's corner, the other brass wouldn't matter. That's a guess but a reasonable one

At the very least, if RTD was not a problem in Eccleston's book, I think we would've heard some language from Chris that excluded Davies from his general comments out of courtesy.

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