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Top Ten 2012 Films

1. The Avengers: probably the most excited I've been watching a movie since Star Wars ended. Truly, an event movie!
2. The Hobbit: still magical, still enjoyable, I liked the added material.
3. Dark Knight Rises: bloated, too long, too much, not as good as the last one, but a good ending
4. Prometheus: I really enjoyed this story and learning the secrets
5. Skyfall: did not like the last two but this was a good Bond movie
6. Django Unchained: solid QT movie but I didn't like how it ended
7. Wreck It Ralph: highly enjoyable video game love letter
8. Rise of the Guardians: I like how it got dark and scary, more kids movies should be like this
9. Cabin in the Woods: great reinvention of horror cliches
10. Abe Vampire Hunter: really interesting and bizarre story that psyched me enough to read the book
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