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Re: Books read in 2012

But, my favs were indeed the Hunger Games trilogy, I was captivated from the first page.. and that when I was so hesitant to try them. I usually don't care much for YA books, but these were amazing.
I loved them too. I know many people were disappointed in the ending of Mockingjay but I think it was an excellent ending.

I managed to get a few novels in at the beginning and end of the year, including Pride and Prejudice, The Hunger Games trilogy, Gathering Blue (a pseudo-sequel to The Giver)
Gathering Blue is on my TBR pile. I hope to get around to it in about March.

For fiction, standouts would be the completion of the George R. R. Martin novels (which I had started reading the previous year), two of the classic French novels (The Three Musketeers and Les Miserables), The Singapore Grip, and Cloud Atlas. The last novel I read for the year was Arthur & George, which was also excellent.
I read all 5 of the Song of Ice and Fire books over a 2 month period in 2011. I loved them. My son is now reading them but is only half way through the second book. I wish he would hurry up as there are events in the third book I would love to discuss with him.

I have Cloud Atlas on my KIndle and hopefully I will read it before seeing the movie.

I liked Arthur and George but I think I would have preferred it if it had been a non-fiction telling of the story. I recently downloaded Conan Doyle and the Parson's Son: the George Edalji Story by Gordon Weaver onto my Kindle.
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