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Re: A three film comparison/face-off...

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And yet, and yet. Yet another of your threads proves a large majority of people on this board disagree with you.
So? I didn't start the thread to have people just agree with me. If they want to rave about a film I detest then they can do so to their hearts content.

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Today or this evening I think I'll get around to rewatching Prometheus. I actually liked TDKR a bit better than when I first saw it (as I mentioned upthread) so I'll see if my opinion of Prometheus changes after a second viewing.
Done. I just finished watching Prometheus for a second time and again, yeah, I like it a bit better this time around. For one thing the sound on the BluRay disc comes across better than what I recall hearing in the theatre. There are still some niggling problems, though, that aren't really clear.

The majority of the "scientists" were worthless. I could somewhat understand Fifield and Milburn starting to behave erratically out of exhaustion and panic, but overall they were idiots. And so it leaves the big question unanswered: why were these incompetents brought along on the expedition? I also question the Captain's deduction that the planet a sort of weapons depot housing something that got away from the Engineers. Of course, he's right, but the means by which he comes to that conclusion are left out. In the deleted scenes he explains that he saw something similar on Earth that he was reminded of by what he's seen on the planet. Just those few lines would have cleared up his apparent leap of logic. The final question, of course, is one left for the potential sequel: just why did the Engineers want to destroy humanity after supposedly creating it?

Yep, I still like it a bit better, but not as much as TDKR.
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