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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

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At some point you may have to get a new Cheerios box in case they notice they have been eating out of the old box for 6 months.

"Wow, these Cheerios really last!"

Actually, no. They don't usually notice the dates on things. Seriously, my parents could be eating six month old Cheerios for all they know, but fortunately I pay attention to dates and such. Let me put it this way: My dad once took some Alka Seltzer that had expired in March of 2007. The date he took them? December of 2009.

Anywho, the box itself is in fairly good shape, and since I'm the one that pours the cereal for my mom (she can't walk), no one notices.

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I have a library book that was due 24 years ago.
Just for the hell of it, have you figured what the overdue fines would be by now?
No.. I once had 84.00 in fines. That was the last time I ever set foot in a library. I've heard they don't do fines in some places now.
My record to date is $128.00 in fines. Our library charged 50 cents per day, per book, and compounded that every other week. I had 3 books out, and a DVD. The DVD was $1.00 per day, per DVD, compounded every two weeks. I did not get to keep the books or DVD.
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