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Re: Need a good starter episode for a newbie

My girlfriend has decided that she wants to be a part of my biggest reason to live, my passion for the cinema. We understood that it would neither be very easy or much point in trying to converge and agglutinate our tastes (and especially since she wants to become versed in what kind of movies I watch) so we don't make any kind of accommodations and literally force one another to watch what ever movie that person desires. So far, the only good thing is that at least I get to see new movies for a change. This evening we've seen MILF, The Strangers and Rogue River and later tonight she will submit to Perché si uccide un magistrato, Laugh, Clown Laugh (her first silent flick haha) and two Star Trek TOS & TNG episodes. Altough annoyed at the fact that I only choose movies I've wanted to rewatch many times but usually do not allow myself to as I have so many different projects and movies that I must see, she's looking forward to seeing Star Trek, since it's such a big deal to me.

The episodes I've picked are The Enemy Within and The Measure of a Man. I personally feel that those are pretty good episodes to introduce someone to Star Trek. Any opinions?
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