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Re: Facepalm worthy test footage from Warner Bros.

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Pullman's trilogy is usually referred to as "His Dark Materials" - the name being taken from "Paradise Lost" by John Milton. In the UK, "The Golden Compass" is titled "Northern Lights", although the US title is possibly superior from a marketing point of view. However, "golden compass" did not refer to the alethiometer, but to the dividers that God supposedly used during the creation of the world (also derived from a quotation from Milton).
Oh, I'm well aware of all that. I said The Golden Compass instead of His Dark Materials because, as great as TSK and TAS are, I'm not exactly burning to see film adaptations of 'em. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to, and I'd love to make them myself, but I'd also be totally satisfied with one really good, complete TGC.
I liked the movie, but they shouldn't have started on a trilogy they knew they couldn't finish. I think the next two books would have been unfilmable in terms of content.
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