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Re: F1 2013 Championship

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geckothan, i know you hate red bull (is it the taste?) but don't just make shit up about them. you have no idea whether they had anything to do with regulation changes.
Ok, the first part of my message was pure BS speculation, but there's truth in the second part.

Red Bull Technology anyone? Red Bull Racing might not be able to get away with sharing designs (and thus, have an extra source of relevant data) with Toro Rosso these days, but at the very least, Toro Rosso still benefits them greatly by filling the grid with two cars that are willing to get out of the way when the Golden Brat comes up behind them (which might not be an issue 99% of the time, but it certainly made a difference for said brat in 2012, with those critical races from the back), and push the blue flags to the limit to get in the way when being lapped by RBR rivals.

Other teams might push the rules, but in terms of winning races/podiums/big points with cars that are either explicitly illegal or insulting enough to the spirit of the rules that they are later made illegal, Red Bull are by far the biggest offenders in recent years, by a huge margin. I guess Adrian Newey has a pretty extensive history of designing rulebreaking cars. I've always found it hilarious how eager they are to jump on the bandwagon when other teams are accused of cheating, yet they go emo-mode and whine about being 'victimised' when they're actually CAUGHT cheating themselves.

Don't forget that Red Bull aren't in FOTA for a reason. They simply don't give a single shit about the Resource Restriction Agreement, they were accused of dishonouring it, most likely never intended to honour it (more speculation, sorry), and so left to avoid the embarrassment of being caught dishonouring it in the future. While there are several valid arguments against the RRA in favour of other forms of cost cutting, some of the ridiculous stunts Red Bull have pulled in the past make it clear that they simply do not care one bit about any form of cost cutting, and Christian Horner desperately trying to insist otherwise won't fool anyone (what's he's really thinking in his head when he brings up the subject is probably something like 'LOL WE CAN SPEND MORE MONEY THAN YOU GUYS LOL ENJOY YOUR FOTA SUCKERS LOL WE DONT CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE OF F1 AS LONG AS WE WIN AND THEN WHEN THE OTHER TEAMS RUN OUT OF MONEY WE CAN JUST BUY THEM ALL AND TURN THE SERIES INTO FORMULA FIZZYDRINKS LOL').

Yes, I have it in for them.
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