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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

Here's my guilty one-time admission: I once took a rock from a famous archeological site that was being reconstructed from the rubble I had taken a piece of as a "souvenir." When I mentioned this casually to my best friend one day, who is an archeologist, he chewed my head off. I uh...should probably return it someday.

My general confession: I put the toilet paper on the holder the way everyone hates (the roll starting from behind and under). I do this all the time. But I absolutely never do it on purpose; I just grab the TP out of the bag and stick it on the holder however it came out!

The guilty part is that when I notice I've done it again and that everyone hates it that way, I don't bother to change it.

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I poop too much.
Do you then bill the client for it?
Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing!

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