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Re: Was Code of Honor racist?

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Sonic, what is the color of the Tamarians' skin?

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And what color is the Ligonians skin?

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Whatever defense you may bring up regarding the Tamarians, I guarantee you they were not casted because they had black skin.
On what basis do you make the guarantee? Do you have a copy of the casting call?

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"As you can see, Captain, you may excel in technology, but not in civilized behavior."
Exactly. The Ligonians see their actions as civilised. You call their actions "barbaric," just as the Romans called Germans and Persians "barbaric." It's a word that one uses to slander ideas and actions that are different than one's own. As Christopher (and Data) pointed out, the Ligonians' behaviour isn't even that "alien" in a sense. There are things that people on this planet did today that would seem more "alien" to you and I than the Ligonians' behaviour.
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