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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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You have your opinion, I have mine.
Opinion is irrelevant in questions of objective fact. Only evidence matters, or expert testimony. Neither of us is an expert on the same level as the compilers of the actual set.

And no, I'm not a 'random listener'. I'm a Star Trek fan and passionate about the Original Series music; like a lot of others who bought the set, I'm very aware of the detail of each episode score.
In other words, your qualifications are the same as mine -- we're both amateurs going by how things sound to us. Neither of us has handled the original recordings or worked with them for months like Indysolo did. Neither of us has studied the original documentation and cue sheets like the producers of the box set did. So compared to the producers of the set, both of us are "random listeners." We only have our perceptions, not firsthand evidence.

I have exactly as much faith in your perceptions as I have in my own -- and one thing I've discovered in listening to this set is that my own perceptions and assumptions about a lot of TOS music were wrong. I've got an exceptional memory for music, I've been keeping track of this music for decades, and yet I still made a lot of wrong conclusions because I was only going by how things sounded to me and didn't have access to the actual source material and production notes. So the last thing I'd do is assume I knew better than the producers of the set. If I thought there was a cue missing and they told me there wasn't, I'd trust their direct knowledge over my own perceptions and extrapolations.

I'm not saying my opinion is more right than yours. I'm saying that neither of our opinions constitutes reliable evidence, and we should reserve judgment until and unless we hear from Indysolo or someone else who worked on the set, someone who's actually got hard evidence about the origins of that bit of music.

Whilst I'm not intending to prolong this argument, might I ask where you've heard the (supposedly) separate halves of the cue elsewhere in the episode?
I don't know the cue titles by name yet. But I distinctly remember that four-note bass motif as being part of a couple of longer cues in the episode.
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