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Re: The West Wing now on Netflix

santa biggles wrote: View Post
Give C.J. and Toby time; C.J. was one of the best-written female characters on TV, and Allison Janney would win four Emmys for her portrayal. As for Mandy... well, all I'll say is don't sweat it.
I guess it's just that the first two episodes focus more on Josh and Sam than Toby or C.J. Episode 2 has C.J. confronting the Vice-President (who is now tied with Mandy for my least favorite character), so I can tell they're going to focus on her. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike her or Toby, I just haven't seen enough of them yet.

Aside from Sam, Toby, and C.J. (and for the smart-alecks, Bartlett and Mrs. Landingham have pretty defined jobs as well!), the character's job descriptions aren't well fleshed out. I really want to see the organizational chart Josh's office is working on for Mandy!

bigdaddy wrote: View Post
Yeah let the characters grow. If you really hate the show there are about 5 episodes from season 1 that are most important to the storyline. I saw watch those and move on to season 2. Seasons 2-3 are the best of West Wing 1.0.
I don't hate the show, I quite enjoyed the first two episodes. The only things I hate are Mandy and the V.P. (the latter I'm sure I'm not supposed to like).

TheGodBen wrote: View Post
Only about five people in the whole world like Mandy, so don't worry about it. She ran PR for a President who didn't like being managed by PR people, so she doesn't have much of a role on the show beyond the opening episodes. She typically just shows up for one or two scenes per episode to justify being part of the main cast, and is then unceremoniously dumped.
Can I assume among those five are Aaron Sorkin and Moira Kelley?

Toby is an excellent character if you like the cynical, brooding sort, and he works as an excellent foil for Bartlet. They love each other, but they have a way of getting underneath each other's skin and that leads to some explosive situations.
He handled himself well in the meeting in episode 1. I liked how he called that Mary woman out on her "New York" comment!

bigdaddy wrote: View Post
Cool, I'll tell a friend of mine. I bought my grandma all the DVD sets years ago and one of the episodes from season 6 doesn't play because it's starched! Was so pissed. (It was too late to return it.)
My sister mentioned she never bought the DVDs, even after seeing a great Cyber-Monday price on the full-set due to a lot of complaints about the quality of the DVDs. Shame, really, but it's nice that there are options for watching it streaming.
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