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Re: My view on a new Trek series.

C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
the setting more than "alien of the week" stories
Have slow, on going examinations of aliens who are regular characters.

Don't be afraid to depict them as different than Humans. Klingons with their open blood-lust. Vulcans who send their children into the desert, to see how many come back. Step back from "this is the Human way, let's all copy it."

The scene where Picard asked Worf to make a tissue donation to save a dying Romulan, and Worf nicely told Picard to go fukk himself.

Patrick O'Brien wrote: View Post
Alex Knapp of Forbes Magazine
A good article, with some interesting ideas. I wouldn't like a "goofy" Star Trek, but having TOS level humor as a regular part of the show would be good. Most of the series took themselves far to seriously. A little Quark and Odo interplay in the mix.

No to a ST: section thirty-one. And the same no for ST: west wing. Some politics in Star Trek is good, the occasional episode or mention, but not an entire series.

And Seven was never a "recovering " fanatic, she was unrepentant.

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