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Re: My view on a new Trek series.

Thanks for posting that article. I may have read it before, not sure, but it makes a good point that DS9 is the best model for a future series, if only because cable is now the only place where an expensive niche appeal series (and that describes all space opera, not just Star Trek) can thrive, and DS9 already has two features of cable drama: strong serialization and moral ambiguity.

But Buffy isn't the model I'd use. Better to grab onto a show that is doing well right now, that appeals to a sizeable niche taste, and whose budget is probably comparable to what a space opera series would require.

My candidates are The Clone Wars, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. A good Star Trek series could be created with any of those three as the basic template, but depending on which one you choose, the results could be very different. GoT would result in the most DS9ish series; the other two would be Star Trek like we haven't yet seen on TV.

Since the author of that article is proposing three Trek series, maybe I'll propose all three of mine. They'd appeal to distinct audiences so that would limit cannibalization, and of course true fans will watch all of them and clamor for more.

For the three concepts in that article, I always wonder when I read ideas like that, "what channel do you think would buy this concept, and why would they prefer it to the pilots they've already got in the works?" Unless you can answer that question, you are going nowhere fast.
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