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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

Can some one point out to me where it was said that Gardner was the head honcho of Starfleet?
After all in 2151 he was only a captain, and suddenly in 4 years he is in charge, even though there are more experienced admirals already in place?
Is it not possible that Gardner was to Douglas as Douglas MacArthur to George Marshall during WW2? Please forgive me if any misconception as I was just trying to find a good example...

Nathan Samuels Room can be explained. When the Palais was built the Prime Minister of United Earth, probably still Samuels, had offices there.

Does nobody else have a problem with Archer's Presidency? The years appear wrong to me!
If we go by Articles and every President had a regular run then the presidencies should be 2161-2165-2169-2173-2177-2181-2185-2189-2193, so how come Archer is President from 2184-2188-2192?
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