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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

^ I agree completely. I don't know why this film is so well-liked, save for the fact that people want to like it because it's James Bond.

My first problem was that I couldn't connect with Bond as a character. Everything I've ever seen Craig in, I never know what emotion he's supposed to have, he seems so detatched from everything. Here, this is compounded by the fact that, in many respects, as a spy, he's supposed to seem detatched. Did he really fail the tests because he's actually bad at target practice, or was he trying to make it seem like he was bad at them? I couldn't tell, even after seeing it twice. Craig lacks any kind of gleam in his eye to tell me (and not the other characters) what he is truly feeling.

The movie itself was also an excuse.. for itself. He had to chase down and beat up a bad guy in Shanghai. Why? Because Shanghai looked kewl. It would have made no differnce if he went down the block to beat up the bad guy, but never mind, we want to have publicity shots for the film with Bond in Shanghai. From there, nothing happens. He gets a casino piece that leads him to another exotic location for no reason than it looks exotic, and from there he takes a boat to go to the bad guy's island which looks like a leftover from Inception because it looks cool and that's it! Then they give Bardem a big speech but I'm convinced that this man cannot act, so the whole point of the speech was to prove that he could. I'm not convinced, even now. Then they played it like The Dark Knight from there, because they didn't know what else to do.
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