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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

C, because of good acting and directing, and the amazing opening credits (set to a great Adele song, which would work beautifully for a better story than this one), which are the best part of the movie by far. The story deserves an F.

I will never understand the critical adoration of Skyfall. I'm generally not a fan of the Bond franchise, but I did like Casino Royale and I had expectations of this one due to the great reviews. But the story is such a mess that it makes The Dark Knight Rises look like a deeply satisfying, well-written story with no contradictions or confused messages.

What I get from this story is that Bond doesn’t care about saving people other than his boss (and BTW, he doesn't actually manage to save anyone in the movie), MI6 is endangering the world more than it’s actually protecting it, and M, who would be completely unlikeable if she weren’t played by Judi Dench, puts MI6 above everything and is ready to sacrifice anyone’s life, except her own. One of my LJ friends goes into more detail about the problems with the movie's story here:

Skyfall could work as a really dark story about an antihero spy, an orphan who doesn’t really have anyone or love anyone except his Mother Country, who kills without remorse, doesn’t care about saving people, uses women and treats them like shit and is ready to let them die, while the only person he’ll go out of his way to protect and that he’s willing to risk his life for is his mother-figure boss, the embodiment of MI5 and Mother England, who’s using him and treating him like shit and doesn’t care if he lives or die. And even when he has an out to be free and live a different life, he comes back to the fold to work for them again, like someone who keeps coming back to an abusive relationship.

The problem is that the film can’t commit to this dark interpretation despite offering so much in favor of it, but tries to make Bond, M and MI5 into heroes and the ending into Bond’s triumphant return to his life in her majesty’s service.

What exactly are the critics going crazy for? Is it just the tendency to adore stories about adult male "heroes" who use violence as their primary weapon, especially when they have the added "gritty, dark" overtone, regardless of the quality of the actual story?
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