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Re: F1 2013 Championship

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I know I probably said this last year, but I'm going to stop watching if Vettel wins it again. Here's hoping for a shit season for Red Bull (unless Vettel forgets how to drive and Webber really steps it up).
Even if he does, you'd be wise to watch again in 2014 when a shedload of rule changes come into effect that will have the most effect on Red Bull.

Of course, he'll probably choose to jump to Ferrari at that point...

But that's a whole year away.
The new rules will make EBDs effectively impossible, but considering that they were originally supposed to mark the return of ground effects, they're quite disappointing, really.

I bet that Red Bull had something to do with ground effects being taken off of the new regs (being the dirty brown nosers that they are); they'd probably invested too much money (including that of their various 'unrelated' *cough* companies) in the current aero regs to risk having all of their data rendered useless.
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