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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

98. Ted: A
99. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: B+
100. Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: A
101. Jack Reacher: A-
102. Django Unchained: B+

Hobbit: I've not read this since I was about 14 and never read the Silmarillion(which I heard some parts were taken?). So I'm not sure how much is pure Hobbit and how much is "filler" from the Silmarillion but not being a strict Tolkein-ite I wasn't bothered. All I know is I found the film to be very fun and enjoyable. It looks like the film is starting at that point just before Fellowship of the Ring starts, right. Having Frodo and older Bilbo there was a nice tie in. All the Elvish moments and Gladriel(sp) were great! While the structure felt quite similar to FotR imo I felt that H:AUJ had a more natural ending/interlude as we prepare for the second part of the quest. Since we lost some of our company in FotR I did keep expecting one or two of the dwarves to die. My money was on the one with the slingshot.

Jack Reacher: I think this could be a good franchise starter. It felt a bit like Taken meets Sherlock Holmes I thought. Taken in that Reacher is a fluid ass kicking machine, Holmes in the thought process of detective work. I will say the film had a few more bits of comedy than I was initially expecting but not so much or so odd that it interrupted the flow of the film. The theater was quite full, since the film hasn't gotten that much press I'm chalking it up to good wom, it's why I was there.

Django: The only thing keeping this from being an A grade for me was it felt a bit long. In comparison I didn't feel that with Hobbit and both are similar in duration. This may be the best Tarantino movie for me since Pulp Fiction. Great cast, great performances and really did enjoy hating on Mr. Candy. Stevens as played by SLJackson(aka The Man) was another great standout part. I do like how Django got even with him! The film also made you want to keep rooting for Django. Now that he's 'unchained' and got his wife back I'm curious about what may happen to him. The Civil War is only about a year+ away after all.

So for me that wraps up 2012 with a total of 102 new to me films, or not seen in over 10years repeat viewings. Just a bit shy of last years total of 111 films.
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