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Re: Star Trek/Lost In Space: Any Difference?

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Smith was added because the producers, on reviewing the pilot, felt the premise lacked conflict and the series would need an antagonist. As for the Robot, apparently Allen just had the idea after the pilot was made and thought it would be a good addition.
He was the antagonist, but Harris soon elected to change Smith into the simpering, two-faced character he would be for the remainder of the series, since he (Harris) reasoned a villain would eventually be killed off, and he would be unemployed, which--as he said--would be "boring."

Allen, after observing the character changes, demanded Harris continue to take Dr. Smith in that annoying direction--much to Harris' delight...and the annoyance of a few of his co-stars.

Not exactly. See, by the time Harris was brought in, all the other actors' contract terms, including their credits order, had already been negotiated and settled, so the only place left for him was last billing. But giving him lower billing than a couple of children was considered unacceptable, so the producers added the "Special Guest Star" credit to compensate. It was the beginning of what's now a common practice, treating last billing with a special notation as second only to lead billing in importance.
Allen did the same for Kurt Kasnar, when the latter was case as Smith placeholder Alexander Fitzhugh on Land of the Giants.

But eventually, in 1975, Allen produced a TV series version of The Swiss Family Robinson for ABC. It starred Martin Milner, Willie Aames, Cameron Mitchell, and a 12-year-old Helen Hunt, and it lasted less than a full season. I think I remember watching it at the time, but only very vaguely.
I recall watching it too--only because Allen's name was attached (probably expecting something more energetic--along the lines of his 60s series), and that year, Milner just finished a seven year run on Adam-12, so I was interested in his next project. Interest faded quickly.
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