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Re: Threats to the galaxy

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Can anyone name the very first instance of the galaxy or universe coming under threat in Trek lit?
Well, if we leave out things like potential galactic conquerors (e.g. the Irapina in Planet of Judgment) or threats to the stability of galactic civilization (e.g. Omne's resurrection tech in Fate of the Phoenix) and leave it to existential threats, things that could physically destroy the galaxy or the universe, then the first was in Pocket's very first original novel, The Entropy Effect. Professor Mordreaux's time experiments were accelerating entropy and threatening to bring about the end of the universe in less than a century. A few years later in The Wounded Sky, the incursion of an alien universe threatened to destroy a huge portion of our universe, including our galaxy.

The Romulans' alteration to history in Killing Time destabilized the universe and threatened to destroy all life, though the book referred to it interchangeably as a threat to the galaxy and to the universe. The breakdown of the Guardian of Forever in Time For Yesterday threatened the end of the universe, as did the incursion of yet another newborn universe in The Three-Minute Universe.

So in general, it seems that threats to the whole universe were more common in '80s novels than threats to just our galaxy -- unless you count threats that could potentially spread to encompass much of the galaxy, like conquering races, epidemics, ancient unleashed evil forces, etc. But for the most part those would usually be subgalactic-scale threats.
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