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And the Baku didn't offer.
They live on a hard to find planet in an area where its hard to call anyone who where they supposed to make an offer to.

Because they're selfish.
We know this how?

oh, I don't know, Picard, the Son'a, the observation team, etc.

they never even consider the idea, it doesn't occur to them for a moment, nor are they honest about what they have there when Picard first meets them. All that we see of them in the movie suggests that they care only about themselves and preserving their privileged lifestyle. The Son'a, and Dougherty on the other hand, the supposed "villains" of the movie, seem to care about a larger view of things.
So basically Kirk should have just stunned all the Halkans and took their dilithium, got it.

I mean why should Kirk respect their privileged lifestyle from sitting on their dilithium just because they are worried the federation might get into a fight with someone

Oh I also take that you go out of your way to invite the homeless, less fortunate, and ect. into your home whenever you run into one of them and are actively looking for people in those situations, right?

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