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Re: UT: Refugee Crisis/Dark Territory-"Stealing Fire"

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USS Erickson

It wasn’t the first time that Andraste had thanked the monsters who had turned her into a nearly indestructible killing machine. With a strong yank, she pried open the lift’s doors, nearly stumbling out into the corridor. Her accelerated healing had already started repairing many of her more serious injuries, but was still very sore all over. Clutching her sides, her ribs squealing in protest, she took a quick look around. The darkened hall was deserted. No doubt the officious Starfleet personnel were all more focus on restoring the ship than milling about, or either the cowards were locked in their rooms, waiting for Tai to reestablish order.

Despite it all, she was pleased to see him again. Though he had thrown in his lot with self-righteous do-gooders he still cut quite the dashing figure. Andraste squinted as she recalled the layout of the ship in her head. One thing about Deoch, or more so about Mavaar, one of them believed in being prepared and had schematics of a wide variety of ships they might have to combat or elude at some point. Thankfully one had been of the Intrepid class.

The Angosian looked around once more, getting her bearings. “Now, where is the nearest shuttle bay?”
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USS Erickson
Main Bridge

“Tholian vessel is backing away, engaging warp engines,” Jilicia grimly replied. Commander Donar frowned as he watched the scene unfold on the viewer. The Burning Claw was embers, along with Lt. Ramlo. Tai had lost another crewmember in his charge: Fryer, Kittles, Shashlik, Ramlo, so many others, maybe including the captain…

“Sort of obvious,” Lt. French said, no doubt trying to leaven the morose mood gripping the bridge over the death of yet another colleague. However, the bitter tang to his words belied even the light-hearted human’s attempts. Ramlo’s death had been the final straw…for all of them.

Donar closed his eyes and willed the rage churning within him to abate. Tai needed, the crew needed him at his best logical right now, not his berserker fury. The Angosian knew it was folly, but he made a silent promise that no other Starfleet deaths would occur in the Caldera Expanse today, not at the hands of the Tholians.

Tai had failed to prevent the Tholians from taking the polaric ion generator, but he would do all he could to stop them from leaving the expanse with it. “Move to intercept, full impulse,” he barked.

“Ah sir, we are not at full impulse right now,” the petty officer at the Engineering station reluctantly ventured.

“Then give us whatever you have!” The Angosian snapped. “And target all of our firepower at that ship. It’s not leaving this expanse.”

“Sir,” gulped the ensign at the tactical station. “Our weapons banks are now at 35%, I don’t think we can do much to impede them, while they could do significant damage to us, since our shielding and structural integrity are still on the mend.”

Tai glared at the young human brunette, biting back a blistering retort. He was not going to allow his emotions to get the best of him or make her the recipient of misdirected anger. He paused, his mind spinning through a host of scenarios.

“Tholian vessel engines are almost fully powered up,” Jilicia said while Donar was still thinking.

“Ensign,” he said after arriving at his best option. “Divert all power to the torpedo bay, including warp, propulsion, and even life support.”

“Excuse me sir?” The young woman blinked.

“Do it,” He barked. “Life support will only be interrupted temporarily,” he said. “But I want us to be able to fire as many quantum torpedoes as possible at that Tholian ship.”
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